About Poultry Parnters

Poultry Partners was established by Rob and Mareije Hengeveld. Our company offers commercial services, general consultancy and is involved in improvement projects for the poultry sector. With our small team of skilled and dedicated staff, years of experience and expertise, complemented by our invaluable comprehensive network of contacts, Poultry Partners can certainly add value to your company.

Poultry Partners

Connecting businesses

Our core business is a combination of knowledge transfer and utilising the network we have built up over the many years we have been active in the sector. We reveal to our clients fresh insight into the ways and means by which they can improve and grow their companies. We are fully equipped with the required comprehensive knowledge and expertise, particularly where this concerns raw materials, equipment and plant, efficiency, processing methods and access to a network of companies potentially interested in your products. We can arrange contacts and negotiate the best deals on your behalf, and of course all with the single aim: an excellent future for your company with a healthy profit, both for now and in future.

Lange termijn partners

Not every company has the scale, weight and reach to set up an international sales organisation on its own accord. Not every organisation has access to the core figures regarding comparable companies and/or the most recent technical developments. Poultry Partners can help your company develop professionally and in the process open up new markets to facilitate your future growth. Working closely in tandem with your organisation we set out your objectives for the longer term and stimulate the enthusiasm required to move your company on to its successful future. Of course we see this as an ongoing process and with this perspective in mind, we would like to be your long term business partner. Our rates are clear and transparent; you pay Poultry Partners an annual to-be-agreed fixed fee, with or without an additional percentage share of profit or commission. This prevents issues developing when we become successful, whilst at the same time casting a long term interest in achieving our mutually identified objectives.

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