Commercial Services

Poultry Partners' team of experienced commercial staff will take the stress out of your sales and administration, including order processing, invoicing and credit management. Depending on your wishes and the scale of your company's requirements, we can perform our services at your location or from our own office. Our aim is to raise your sales departments' professional game to facilitate your company's entry into new markets. We lay a foundation by carefully scanning your current work practices and investigate these with regard to the requirements of potential business relations in the new markets your company may wish to explore.

Connecting businesses

Based on our many years of European-wide experience in the poultry product markets, we are able to establish contacts with potential business clients and partners within the sector who are currently purchasing a package similar to the one you are producing. This involves looking for a match between your company’s core activity and the purchase requirements of potential buyers in the markets as defined by you. We closely monitor continuity, whilst dovetailing the scale of volumes and company cultures. This enables us to broaden the horizon of your current market to help stimulate the further development of your company.

Long term partnership

Your company will be charged a fixed fee for Poultry Partners' services. We look forward to a long term partnership, to ensure the benefits of continuity for all concerned. This important distinction sets us apart from the more traditional business offices; we are consistent in our approach and are not easily sidelined by the issues of the day. Our aim is to manoeuvre your company into an improved commercial position for the longer term. Partners choose to work with Poultry Partners as they have complete trust in our performance and in the continuity of the collaboration.


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