Substantial improvement to your bottom line

The key to success often lies in the smallest adjustment to your operational approach. In a capital intensive industry such as the poultry sector, details matter. The high volumes processed daily mean that every modification has the potential to result immediately in a substantial improvement to your bottom line.

Critical success factors: analysis and advice

Poultry Partners specialises in manufacturing audits. The process starts by establishing a so called zero measurement as a baseline, which will quickly throw into relief areas for potential improvement. A second phase will offer you tailor made advice on how to realise these improvements. We will also guide you through their implementation.


Our many years of experience will provide you with a clear insight into how your organisation performs in view of comparable companies in your sector. Right from the moment you take delivery of the live birds and/or raw materials through to preparing your products for dispatch, we put your entire processing under the microscope. Due to our detailed knowledge of the sector's core figures, we can supply you with an excellent image of how these possible improvements will impact your profits. We can also provide you with advice on the technical options regarding equipment and plant as supplied by the key manufacturers.


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